Owner and Coach


Thomi Gill is a native of Pensacola, Florida and has been doing CrossFit for 10+ years. Outside of CrossFit, her athletic background includes riding English Equestrian, long distance running and being a Golds Gym bunny. Her favorite thing about her job is the community and being able to do what she loves every day. Outside of the gym you can find Thomi horseback riding, doing home remodeling, tattoo tourism or anything outdoors! Nicknames: Thominatrix and The Evil Pixie.


CrossFit level 2  (2007)
Trainer and demo girl for CrossFit Headquarters level 1 certs
Barbell certification with Mark Rippetoe
Olympic lifting certification with Mike Burgener
Crossfit Kids certification
Gymnastic certification with Jeff Tucker
Nutrition certification with Robb Wolf
CrossFit Mobility and Recovery Certification with Kelly Starrett
Adaptive coaches seminar with Crossroads adaptive alliance

In the News…

Thomi Gill, owner of Crossfit Virginia Beach, was recently featured in Pilot Online, “Close Up | Meet gym owner and exerciser trainer Thomi Gill, also known as Thominatrix.” For the full article, click here.
Her focus is not on the competitive side of CrossFit, but on health and wellness, she said. She called it “a general preparedness program.” Each week clients work toward specific goals, and build on the previous workouts, she said. No monotony.