The CrossFit Virginia Beach Fundamentals Course is 2 one hour long private or semi-private (we cap it at 4) lessons. Fundamentals is designed to introduce new athletes to the basic movements of CrossFit to help prepare them to come into the class environment.

We have 3 goals for fundamentals:

1. To introduce new athletes to proper movement mechanics. This allows for safe participation in CrossFit class along with setting a foundation of understanding for learning more advanced movements later in your CrossFit journey.

2. To help athletes learn the basic coaching language. In CrossFit we use some very
specific terminology to describe the exercises and movement patterns we use. Laying
some groundwork helps make transitioning to the open class environment smoother.

3. To get to know you better! We want to know your personality, your goals, and your
needs. CrossFit is all about community and we want your introduction to feel like
coming home!

Dress in clothes that are comfortable and that you can easily bend at both the hips and waist and have free movement of the shoulder as well. Also, shoes that are flat are best but any sneaker will do starting out.

If it’s hot bring water, if it’s cold dress warm! The CFVB training floor is open air so expect it to feel just like it is outside.

The cost of Fundamentals + your first month of class is $199. This will be due at the time of your first session so be sure to come prepared.

To sign up for one of our Fundamentals Classes email or call 757-672-0196.

We look forward to meeting you soon!