First I have to say sorry to everyone…

Ahhh my inspiration (if you can call it that) … well I was in Hatterass & I was unable to surf so I thought “why not do 150 Burpees, that sounds killer!!” No for real I was trying to come up w/ something that would challenge me & force me to work on a movement I suck at, BURPEES, I chose to pair it w/ double unders, something I don’t suck at, to offset it a bit. Now how to put it together… then “Annie” popped in my head. The double under (fast) paired w/ the burpee (slow) made a nice combo…  Yes, I did already do this one & it kick my a$$ –  my time was 17:32 so game on, have FUN!!!  And yes I will be doing this one again with everyone, although I am soooo not looking  forward to it 😉



Double Unders


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    • Boogieman
    • September 6, 2010

    16 something

    • Shay
    • September 6, 2010

    Nice Steph 🙂 we missed you! Great class 2day… It was great to be able to do this one with everyone 🙂

    15:41 almost a 2min. PR oh happy day!

    • RobW
    • September 6, 2010


    • Kurt
    • September 6, 2010

    23 mins. Good WOD shay!

    • katie
    • September 6, 2010

    29:24 with knee burpees…that sucked…got 38 double unders in a row in the first set…most in a row to date

    • steph
    • September 6, 2010

    28.21 for me. Knee burpees and I really suck at double unders so I just doubled my jump ropes (300). That was HARD but fun! The neighborhood enjoyed cheering me on as I did it in my front yard!
    Thanks Shay!!
    Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!!

    • Brine
    • September 6, 2010

    what if you suck at double unders and burpees?

    • Rita
    • September 6, 2010

    SHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! My a$$ is hurting so bad from lunges, it will take me an hour….oh Shay.

    • Shay
    • September 5, 2010

    It’s okay Katie… You can come over & refuel @ my cookout afterwards 😉

    • Katie
    • September 5, 2010

    Really Shay? 150 burpees??? I can see I’m going to be worthless after that one!

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