One of Charlie’s co-workers interpretation on five fingers and zone blocks πŸ™‚


50-40-30-20 and10 rep rounds of:

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    • Andrew
    • August 9, 2009

    15:48. GGH plank situps because of my bum ankle

    “planK” as much as I could anyway. I probably ended up doing half of them “full”.

    Not pretty and not a PR. I don’t recommend GHDs + double unders to anyone- the quads get quite a bit of work.

    • cindy
    • August 9, 2009

    7:55 45 seconds slower than last time…..ouch

  1. Thanks everyone πŸ™‚ glad I could help.. Shay you have a “chest day”?? is that before or after bi and tri day?

    • J2
    • August 8, 2009

    What kind of snacks are heat snacks? I needed something bad after the PT, run, swim today… Fruit was so good!
    4 miles in 27::50!

    • YogiWeezy/Lisa
    • August 8, 2009

    12 minutes, Shay!?! WTF!?! Awesome!

    • Katie
    • August 8, 2009

    17:32 with mostly attempts at double unders but I actually did a bunch in there! First time getting a double under! =)

    • Chhaarrrrliieeeeee
    • August 8, 2009

    Ditto to what Shay said….Thanks for the snack! I was needing that!

    • shay
    • August 8, 2009

    Oh yeah – thanks again Lisa & Andrew for the heat snacks!

    • shay
    • August 8, 2009

    6:48 PR by like 12 mins. I need to work out w/ Rita & Court more often. Thanks you guys rock!
    Thanks for the nutrition forum – I am definitely gonna rework my chest day πŸ˜‰
    Great job everybody today – I love to see so many ladies out πŸ™‚

    • Condor
    • August 8, 2009

    6.17 rx’d PR

    • Rita
    • August 8, 2009

    6:53 as Rx’s not a PR, slower then last time, going thru Nutella withdrawals would do it to ya πŸ˜‰

    Court, loved to work out next to ya & Shay! U guys Rock!

    Yogi, you were inspiring today! Thanks for allowing to be your DU partner…yeah, that’s about right ballpark the number πŸ™‚

  2. First time doing Annie too. 22:08, actually did like 5 real double unders for the first time ever, and got one foot thru a bunch of times! PR!!!!

    Enjoyed the zone/paleo talk, thanks Thomi!

    • YogiWeezy/Lisa
    • August 8, 2009

    First time doing Annie….double unders are getting better, but they still hate me.

    Thanks for doing the 100 double unders for time with me, Rita. (did that make 300 for you altogether!?)

    Thanks for the informational lecture, Thomi. Review is always good!

    • Court
    • August 8, 2009

    6:41 rxd (PR) great job everyone!! Shay and Rita – you guys killed it!!! πŸ™‚

    • Chaaarrrrlliiiieeeee
    • August 8, 2009

    9:31 rx’d. Nice work everyone!

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