For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run

Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you’ve got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Post time to comments.


  1. Rita · April 14, 2009

    Oh my, shouldn’t have checked & I thought we just had a painstorm…

  2. Amanda · April 14, 2009

    It’s only taken me 6 months, but I think I’ve finally come to realize that I should expect nothing less than a hero WOD following a Pain Storm. Well played Thomi.

  3. Cindy · April 14, 2009


  4. BS · April 14, 2009

    So, I’m lookin to make up the PS tomorrow AM at 645. Any body wanna do it with me, Rob?

  5. Wags · April 14, 2009

    M/30/ 6’2″/ 195

    okay.. I don’t have body armor.. so not as Rx’d.

    but I did do at 9pm at 90 degrees with about 110% humidity…lol.

    time: 31:40

    hard … to… breathe…. ugh… *passout*

  6. Amber · April 14, 2009

    There is no way my knee can handle this one. I tried running and squats this morning eeeearly at the Y and it was a big no-go. I got in the pool instead. See you guys tomorrow. Thomi, it’s my birthday, can it be something with kettlebells??? Haha.

  7. Andrew · April 14, 2009


  8. Lawlessness · April 14, 2009

    This is me not whining. For the record.

  9. YogiWeezy/Lisa · April 14, 2009

    Dang! I don’t have to do any massages today and doing a beat-down WOD would be fine, buuuut alas….something evil happened to my sacrum yesterday and I was only able to hobble and then only lay on the floor by the end of the night. I am stiff and sore today and probably shouldn’t attempt Murph. Bummed……

  10. Dr. Fern · April 14, 2009

    rob, oh how the tides have turned……

  11. RobW · April 14, 2009

    They always do friend, they always do.

  12. JoeyG · April 14, 2009

    Thomi, how about a paleo kit order?

  13. jessica · April 14, 2009

    What a wonderful day for murph. wags gets 90 degree weather with 110% humidity. We have 58 degree weather, 98% humidity and oh yeah it’s raining!!!

    wags, by chance did you see any blue starfish when you were diving?

  14. Zuks · April 14, 2009

    If I was wearing my weight vest I know people at the gym would have probably stopped staring at me!

    1st mile 7m 28s
    10×10 pull
    10×20 push
    10×30 squat
    2nd mile 9m 48s

    Total time 36m 8s

    Thanks for thinking about me Jess, i know Jason is about as worthless as the come… and yes i am doing fine staying out of trouble… but tourist season just started so that may go down hill fast!

  15. Brian PCF · April 14, 2009

    RobW – you doing the 2 pm or the 5:30 pm?

  16. Milly · April 14, 2009

    Oh joy! I have no excuse today. I don’t have duty or anything holding me back from this WOD. Oh how I love running and squats! Today will be interesting. I’ll start at the 5:30pm class and carry over to the 7pm class. I’ll pass on the body armour. I can barely run with my own body weight. Sad…

  17. RobW · April 14, 2009

    Brian, no 2pm on Tuesdays. Either 530 or 7. gonna play it by ear.

  18. Dr. Fern · April 14, 2009

    rob i will waiting for you at the 530

  19. jessica · April 14, 2009

    rob, you won’t do it?

  20. BS · April 14, 2009

    Rob, What about Wed AM? Will I have to do this by myself???

  21. gerry · April 14, 2009

    BS- that’s too early for Rob…..;)

    i’ll be there at 530, got anymore body armor jason?

  22. RobW · April 14, 2009

    Jason-then you’ll be waiting til 7.

    Brian-my first client is at 7am tomorrow so PS is out.

    Jess-won’t do what?

  23. jessica · April 14, 2009

    do the ps tonight

  24. Thomi CFVB · April 14, 2009

    Pain Storm make up will be this Sat. after class if anyone would like to attend.
    As for the paleo kits.. I would like to do an order, but 2 things get to me about doing things like that. Lots of people chime in for a group order, then I have to run around and collect money ( al la tshirts, money for food for the weekend getaway, jump rope orders etc.) and I am left with the remaining cost…
    the other thing is, I consistently have to chase people for membership dues and I don’t find that fun and would not like to have extra chasing to do. I still have people that have not paid for this month… sad but true. People show up, but do not pay…. Soon enough I am going to have to implement some sort of auto draft because of this. I am in the midst of figuring it out. Less than 10% of clients are on time with payment each month, yet I still have to pay employees and the rent. If this is not fixed, CFVB will have a dodgy future .

  25. BS · April 14, 2009

    Pay to play!

    I leave for Boston at 0700 Sat. Perhaps it’s not in the cards.

  26. Dr. Fern · April 14, 2009

    gerry i have two vest over there, the body armor and the vmax, you can use the vmax.

  27. Charrllliiiieee · April 14, 2009

    “Swordfish love you, jellyfish, love you,


  28. Thomi CFVB · April 14, 2009

    I looooove it Charile!!!!

  29. Amanda · April 14, 2009

    54:53 PR by over 7 minutes 🙂

    Nice job 5:30! Jess, well done with the torn hand AND weighted vest!!

  30. Lawless McMurphsnailerstein · April 14, 2009

    You people and your damn unicorn references. Weird.

    Tonight: 58:03 PR by 1:00 in honor of Murph and I made a trail that Thomi will mop and curse me as she’s doing it. Sorry.

    I was late with my moola. I’ll fess up. I’m workin’ on getting ahead of that shite. Thomi, you shouldn’t have to handle special orders. Someone wanna step up?

  31. Milly · April 14, 2009

    Thank you for scaling the WOD down. My body is thanking you Thomi.

    P.S. Please let me know if you misplaced my check. I have no problem writing you another one. I think that the people that don’t pay by the 1st of the month should not be allowed to work out until they pay. That way you don’t lose track of who has paid and who has not. Just my 2 cents. Maybe you should keep a log book of the money received.

  32. jessica · April 14, 2009

    jason: 43:04 rx’d
    jessica: 59:49 first time with the vest.

    nice job 5:30 crew even in the drizzle!!

  33. jason · April 14, 2009

    i’m not paying anymore………

  34. W^3 · April 14, 2009

    DT from the main page @ globo gym POWERHOUSE in Seaford De., metal plates and all.

    14:51 rxd

  35. Rita · April 14, 2009

    Scaled, scaled, scaled workout, 10 rounds & 800 m x2

  36. Court · April 14, 2009

    51:25 as rxd PR

  37. gerry · April 14, 2009

    41:52 as rx’d w/vest

  38. JoeW · April 14, 2009

    Had to tackle Murph at the gym on base (suck!). 58:52, with 10 jump pull-ups at the end, no body armor.

    Side note; it’s funny to see people on a stationary bike/treadmill or whatever, reading their Sports Illustrated and Cosmo’s (not that they’re bad publications), while I’m off to the side about to puke half way through a WOD. Just an observation, they need to be enlightened.

  39. Thomi CFVB · April 14, 2009

    20 rounds of Cindy with 17# vest 43:12 8pm class rulz!

  40. Rich · April 14, 2009

    I had a lousy day at work but after doing half Murph I forgot all about it. Yeah I don’t know my time I forgot that too.

  41. Patches · April 14, 2009

    42:04rxd w/vest

  42. BS · April 14, 2009

    57:48 no vest and late for the wod

    tha drizzel is tha shizzel!

  43. nicholas · April 14, 2009

    1:17:30, or maybe 27:30? I think that was my first complete Murph. Oh, and I rowed instead of running.

    I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind hero workouts – “In honor of our fallen warriors, here’s something that will make you curse their names forever.”

  44. Tommy · April 14, 2009

    40:51 w/ treadmill (1.5) and deadhang pullups (had to stop kipping b/c I was rocking the cable crossover set, completely freaked out the guy on the next treadmill w/ how much I was sweating, it was classic…)

    didn’t post in couple days
    Friday 4/10
    10 rds of 10 body wt bench/10 squats (185# for 5 rds, then down to 135# for 5 rds) – 15.08

    Sat 4/11
    21 Front squats 135#
    500m Row
    15 Front Squats 135#
    500m Row
    9 Front Squats 135#
    500m Row

    Sun 4/12 5K – 19:51

    Be back in tomorrow, PS on Sat!

  45. Andrew · April 14, 2009

    51:11 rx (no vest though)

    1 second faster than last time.

    Well, and I did this one with no knee push ups. That’s a first.

    I’m not sure I’m ready for the vest but at some point it’s gotta happen.

    Jess- I’m guessing the vest is a bigger percentage of bodyweight for you when compared to someone like Jason, no?

  46. jason · April 14, 2009

    are you saying i’m fat????

  47. jason · April 14, 2009

    both are just over 10.5 % our body weight, but yes she is bad a$$!

  48. RobW · April 14, 2009

    42.55(?) rx’d no vest. I heart running.

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