1. jessica · April 13, 2009

    my baby got back !!

    why couldn’t my picture look that good?!?

  2. Wags · April 13, 2009

    dove the “blue hole” all day.. saw a cool sea turtle… tired.. going to globo gym on base to do it now..:( ugh…

  3. RobW · April 13, 2009

    If you’re sick of constantly explaining how and why you eat what you eat refer people here….


  4. JoeyG · April 13, 2009

    Rob, I love it!

    Hey friends, I have 2 extra copies of Starting Strength and the training logs to go with them. Let me know if you are interested.

    While I’m at it, I have a pair of Vibram Five Fingers that are size 46 (about a 12 shoe?) They were too big, so I got another pair off of the crossfit message board. I wore them around for about 2 days and worked out in them once. They are the KSO model in fantastic blue urban camo. Let me know if you are interested and I can throw them in the wash and they’ll be good as new.

  5. BS · April 13, 2009

    Gizmo, I’ll take you up on the Rippetoe book. See you at 1730?

  6. Charrllliiiieee · April 13, 2009

    Nice find Rob. I’ve forwarded the link to quite a few people. Hopefully, it ruined their plans for lunch.

  7. Amber · April 13, 2009

    My right knee and everything around it is completely locked up. Talk about pain… standing and sitting hurts. Haha. This suuuuucks. I’m taking a long walk on my lunchbreak and after work to try to loosen things up. See you guys tomorrow.

  8. RobW · April 13, 2009

    Amber, ice,ice, and ice and move.


  9. Amber · April 13, 2009

    Definitely sad about missing a deadlift day! My one thing I’m good at!!!

  10. YogiWeezy/Lisa · April 13, 2009

    A few lessons learned today:

    1. Do not eat pizza and drink beer and eat peeps and a few other things the day before a WOD day.

    2. Pay attention to everything Thomi says (like, I apparently missed the “try for your PR by your 3rd round not your last one.”)

    3. I can now credit my badunkadunk to Crossfit & yoga and not just my (now too big) Lululemon pants.

    100/120/140/160/180 F (previous PR 175#) DANG IT!

  11. will · April 13, 2009

    jason…..lean or trimmed

  12. BS · April 13, 2009

    Ice Ice, baby

  13. Thomi CFVB · April 13, 2009

    Jess, you are at the top of the page all day every day looking hot ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Penny · April 13, 2009

    Darn-l am missing my all time favorite strength day. LOL Instead I will be seeing my Orthopedic doc for what I hope is my LAST appointment with him. I predict pull-ups in my future……

  15. Charrllliiiieee · April 13, 2009

    Mark Rippetoe Quote of the Day–

    When a guy (Alex) asked what to do about his balls hurting after squats…

    Alex, buddy, you’re on your own here. Unless we get some other input.

    My balls haven’t hurt since 1973, when I learned how to finish what I started.


  16. Dr. Fern · April 13, 2009

    will lets just stick with trim, it makes me feel better!

  17. jessica · April 13, 2009

    is that will…. lerking around?!?!

  18. Zuks · April 13, 2009

    Fully recovered so on my first day back what do i choose… painstorm, why… unknowable!

    Snatch 40#, burp/clean/thrust 20#, pistols to box

    Vomited at 0:45
    Stopped sweating at 1:15
    Fell on my head doing HSPU at 1:45
    Finished at 1:51

    Its good to be back!

  19. BS · April 13, 2009

    Anybody going to make up PS @1730?

  20. Dr. Fern · April 13, 2009

    hahaha that a boy!!!!

  21. jessica · April 13, 2009

    zuks, i kept asking jason how you were doing? staying out of trouble i hope!! nice work on painstorm! glad to see you’re alive.

  22. Thomi CFVB · April 13, 2009

    Ended out at 180. PR. Hope you feel better Adam 2 ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Dr. Fern · April 13, 2009

    zuk, send a picture of you working out and we can put it on the site, but make sure you don’t look like a pu$$y!!

  24. Charrllliiiieee · April 13, 2009

    185-205-225f. Thanks Thomi for noticing my hammies weren’t flexible enough. As soon as you said it, it made total sense. And thanks Rob for the PNF(sp?) stretching exercises.

  25. Adam 2 · April 13, 2009

    Thanks Rob and Thomi. I’m good. Minor tear, major strain. I guess thats what I get for trying to move the big boy weight. 315-335-385(pop)

  26. will · April 13, 2009

    jess i lerk here and there.

  27. RobW · April 13, 2009

    Adam-it’s kind of funny that today’s your first post. Sorry bout’ that hammy dude. Rest, recover, return.

  28. Amanda · April 13, 2009

    95 – 115 – 130 (old PR) – 145×4 (lost grip) – 150 PR first time using a mixed grip.

  29. Andrew · April 13, 2009

    155 185 205pr 215pr 225pr

  30. Rita · April 13, 2009

    105/115/125/130/135 (PR) – but quoting Gerry “Bad form on the last rep”

    Dr. Fern, I should have answered – didn’t u know that for an 007 agent different car is just another disguise….

  31. Court · April 13, 2009


  32. jessica · April 13, 2009

    135/155/175/185/195 not sure what my last was but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t 195.

  33. nicholas · April 13, 2009


  34. W^3 · April 13, 2009

    19:27 RXD PR BY 1:03

  35. Lawlessness · April 13, 2009

    185-205-225-235-245 PR (previous 3-rep DL was 235 and 245 never ever happened before… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a happy one tonight.

    About some previous posts. “Trimmed” could be new slang for something that only Jewish boys used to be. Think about it. Lean is definitely a better term. Since you asked. I’m just here to help.

    Joey, I’d like to read the book and try your shoes out. I may purchase. I don’t need a toe fungus though, so please, boil them. We missed ya’ on PS day. Hope you learned something helpful.

  36. Dr. Fern aka The Brain Ninja · April 13, 2009

    315-355-365-365f, still destroyed from saturday. thomi you were right about being “that guy” i’m slowly working my way into each of your brains!!! rob thinks about me when he works out and hopes i don’t beat him, rita is thinking of things to say to me after the fact, and tom hopes i’m not at the gym to make fun of him when he shows up in uniform!!! pretty soon everyone will have me on the brain, at which point you will all be just as stupid as me!!!!! and by that i mean, if you were to make an appearance on “are you smarting than a 5th grader” you would place 9th even though there are only 4 contestants!! sweet dreams kiddies!!! hahahahahaha

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  38. BS · April 13, 2009

    late post

    Thanks, Gerry for saving me.

  39. Stef · April 13, 2009

    135-145-150-155-160(PR), had to do this one at home it sucks doing WOD’s with your husband as your coach

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