1. RobW · April 1, 2009

    Congrats Amanda!

  2. RobW · April 1, 2009

    Instead of shoulder presses I think I’m just gonna get a good arm pump with this routine:


    See Andrew, I used it.

  3. YogiWeezy/Lisa · April 1, 2009

    Congrats, Amanda! Today’s WOD will help us all with handstand push-ups!

  4. W^3 · April 1, 2009

    Yeah girl, lets see that HSPU. If you are feeling up to it that is.

  5. Andrew · April 1, 2009

    The best quote from the article:

    “The cables will help you maintain constant tension, which helps you get a crazy pump, especially in this rep range,”

    That’s pretty technical.

    We need a WOD named “Crazy Pump”. I guess it would be hard to pick one though since it represents so many.

  6. Andrew · April 1, 2009

    Used the tinyurl well, you have.

  7. JoeyG · April 1, 2009

    Where are our cables?

  8. Adam · April 1, 2009

    Congrats Amanda. I won’t mention that I’m a little pissed you got a M-U in your first year and I have yet to nail one. I’ve got a bigger butt. So there. πŸ™‚

    Also, I dunno where you and Amber are on this thing, but I’m on day 3 of what I’m calling the Plague. It’s moved into my chest now and the stuff coming out of my lungs is other-worldly to say the least. Whatever I got, hitched a ride to earth on that damn Commie rocket booster that flew over our heads Sunday night. Damn Ruskies! No offense Rita.

    Quarantine Smooches from afar!

  9. Amanda · April 1, 2009

    Awwww you guys are the best!! I think I’m gonna make it tonight & hopefully pull off my HSPU (fingers crossed).

    Adam, my plague has been all throat, assuming strep, but as previously stated, urgent care sucks. I’ve been living off everyone else’s strep prescriptions. I definitely feel much better today than yesterday, so we’ll see what happens throughout today… Anyone have any doctor recommendations? I’ve been going to the one that my insurance assigned me, but I’m really not liking her. Anyone have a PCP they like??

  10. Adam · April 1, 2009

    Cynthia Wallace, Chinese Medicine Practitioner
    4356 Bonney Road
    Bldg #2 Suite 103
    Virginia Beach, VA 23452
    (757) 497-3111

    Insurance won’t cover her, but she’s awesome.

  11. Rita · April 1, 2009

    Non taken Adam, since I’m Latvian πŸ™‚

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Tommy · April 1, 2009

    thanks for the breathing tips Thomi

  13. Court · April 1, 2009

    Congrats Amanda!! So glad you’re a part of the CFVB family πŸ™‚ Hope all the plague-riddin folks feel better soon!!

  14. jessica · April 1, 2009

    your arms = cables

  15. Thomi CFVB · April 1, 2009

    steel cables!!! yeaaa.. OHHH I added some new links in the CFVB videos and what not in the side bar… peep it yo..

  16. Amber · April 1, 2009

    Adam I’m with you in hell. I hope to emerge by Saturday. Thomi I’m texting you about the pics, I don’t think I will be there tomorrow either.

  17. Andrew · April 1, 2009


  18. Andrew · April 1, 2009


    I have it from an inside source that this is Zone friendly:


  19. JASON · April 1, 2009

    personally i like to think of my arms as pythons.

  20. Jo · April 1, 2009

    SO sick myself…don’t think I will be in today either πŸ™ Ew pollen

  21. Matt · April 1, 2009

    I ended at 155(1x-PR)… then I hit my own WOD in my basement…
    10 Rounds of:
    10x KB Swings (53#)
    HSPU (First 5 Rds. 2x, second 5 Rds. 3x)… Total of 25x HSPU
    I did not time this evolution.

  22. JoeyG · April 1, 2009

    Oh my, squeeze bacon with a 12 year shelf life. No refrigeration needed!

  23. YogiWeezy/Lisa · April 1, 2009

    Andrew, that is disgusting. I noticed you didn’t share with them our new found veg treasure…
    http://www.gardein.com/breasts.php Tons o’ protein and taste sooooooo yummy!

    And I won’t be in tonight and am bummed to miss this chance to redeem myself. Today is Cindy’s birthday and I am giving her a massage.

    See ya’ll Friday.

    Get better sickies….keep it to yourself πŸ˜‰

  24. Rita · April 1, 2009

    I started to Zone about 2 month ago, and still learning about foods & etc. I thought this was an interesting article, “High-protein diet trumps low-fat”


  25. Matt · April 1, 2009

    So… my Buddy Lee Jump Rope came today. Took me about 4 minutes to get my FIRST Double Under… so pumped!

    I owe all you people CFVB a BIG Thank You on that one!!!

  26. RobW · April 1, 2009

    145/155/165PR/170x2f/170x2F. Also:

    Red Feather
    Roots Rock Reggae @
    Waterman’s Tavern 5th&Atlantic
    Sat. @ 1000. Fun times!

  27. BS · April 1, 2009

    Inetinow in the 82nd AB article, Thomi & Chick were recognized by name, but someone else was just listed as “an instructor”

  28. BS · April 1, 2009

    That’s supposed to be, “Interesting how in the 82nd…”

    too much afternoon caffine!

  29. JoeyG · April 1, 2009

    worked at 150

  30. Amanda · April 1, 2009

    Decided to keep the plague quarantined πŸ™ ehhh. See y’all tomorrow **hopefully**

  31. Dan "DDL" · April 1, 2009


  32. Amber · April 1, 2009

    You know I thought for sure I’d come here this morning and the WOD would say “1000 burpees for time” or something. I didn’t think Thomi could resist the april fools.

  33. Adam · April 1, 2009

    I’M FEEEEEELING SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought I’d share.

  34. nicholas · April 1, 2009

    I failed to actually do the workout, but I’ll blame that on still being sick, which is technically true.

    Oh, and congratulations, Amanda. I’d be lucky to get ring dips by my first cf anniversary, let alone muscle-ups.

    Ugh…even my compliments are whiny.

  35. Yeti · April 1, 2009

    Might not be in this month, see you all in May!

  36. Court · April 1, 2009


  37. jessica · April 1, 2009

    jason 135/145/155/165/175pr
    jessica 65/70/75/80/82, not sure what my 3 rep max was.

  38. jessica · April 1, 2009

    congrats on your year amanda! and happy birthday cindy!

  39. Rita · April 1, 2009

    65/67/70/72(F) x1/71(F) x2 = got 2 “F”

  40. Andrew · April 1, 2009

    85 95×2 90 92 95pr

    Yay, a x3 PR.

  41. Adam · April 1, 2009

    Nicholas… you kill me brother. If the path to enlightenment is self-awareness then you are well on your way!

  42. Stephani · April 1, 2009


  43. BS · April 1, 2009

    Nick, I saw you there one minut, the next you were gone.

    Tom, good effort today, for an old guy.


  44. BS · April 1, 2009

    just checked 8-7-08 & my 130 is a PR. I’ll take it.

  45. Rich · April 1, 2009

    95,115,130,135,145,155 1 x then failed.
    X 3 and single rep PRs. Thanks for the help Thomi.

  46. Rita · April 1, 2009

    I’m getting awfully forgetful:

    Cindy – Happy Birthday!

    Jess – Thank you for the breathing lessons, nice job today!

    Thomi – thanks for the math lessons (PR) and your help!

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