Pain Storm

As Many Rounds As Possible in 30 Minutes of:

5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Snatch
5 Overhead Squats
5 Behind the Neck Push Press

Use a barbell equaling 1/2 bodyweight

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  1. JoeyG · March 14, 2009

    Zone WOD.
    The behind the neck push presses sound fun.

  2. gerry · March 14, 2009


  3. BS · March 14, 2009

    I don’t get the picture; I must be too old.

  4. Andrew · March 14, 2009

    I hope I’ve lost weight.

  5. YogiWeezy · March 14, 2009

    What does Zone WOD mean? You say that a lot, Joey. I am not hip to it.

  6. YogiWeezy · March 14, 2009

    I just realized this is 12 days of Christmas all over again

  7. Adam · March 14, 2009

    Three thoughts:

    1) Oh Brian. Poor poor Brian. Don’t you see the emo face in the bathtub fixture?

    2) Painstorm? Really?

    3) Crossfit is just a t-shirt contest that got out of hand.

  8. YogiWeezy · March 14, 2009

    Adam, our new t-shirts at TSA should be in today, speaking of t-shirts. πŸ™‚

  9. JoeyG · March 14, 2009

    Lisa, Zone WODs are when either your load is based on bodyweight or it is a bodyweight movement, so you wish you’d been a little more stringent on the Zone.
    Basically what Andrew said.

  10. JoeyG · March 14, 2009

    Adam! No taunting!

  11. Adam · March 14, 2009

    Sorry Master Joey. I wasn’t thinking clearly.

  12. nicholas · March 14, 2009

    8 rnds, 40 lb dumbbells, 1-arm HPS
    oh god i hate weekends

  13. Pa Matt · March 14, 2009

    So I took this time to hit the 5 rds. Of 25x Wall Ball 30x Pull ups WOD… I really liked it. One of my favs. 24:22 rx’d.

  14. Jill · March 14, 2009

    9 rds @ 52#

  15. gerry · March 14, 2009

    20rds as rx’d @80#

    WOW!!! that was lots of fun πŸ˜‰

  16. jessica · March 14, 2009

    11 rnds @ 72# rx’d.
    i’m gonna feel this one. thank god i have an appt with rob today.

  17. Tommy · March 14, 2009

    9 @ 90#

  18. JoeyG · March 14, 2009

    10 rounds @ 115#
    Tomorrow will be a well deserved rest day.

  19. Jo · March 14, 2009

    12 rounds at 25#
    Clearly not as prescribed πŸ˜‰

  20. Amanda · March 14, 2009

    15 rounds 42# (37% BW)

  21. YogiWeezy · March 14, 2009

    2 PPs from 17 rounds at…..42# (WTF?) I am such an idiot with my weights….duh, I meant to do 52#…stupid, stupid, stupid… wonder I went so fast…ergh

  22. RobW · March 14, 2009

    BW: 220
    11 rds @ 115. 80# Gerry? That’s no Painstorm for you:).

    P.S. KingPin killed today. Nice work Corey!

  23. YogiWeezy · March 14, 2009

    oh and btw, Jess, I love your snatch! It is so beautiful to watch! πŸ™‚

  24. JoeyG · March 14, 2009


  25. will · March 14, 2009

    11 rounds as rx’d with 95lbs. yes i posted.

  26. Thomi CFVB · March 14, 2009

    2 push press shy of 12 rounds … OVER rx’d (62 lbs) lol.. yayyy for my math! I went 5lbs too high… GREAT.. I don’t think I could be any more unhappy about the fact that I missed 12 rounds by 2 push presses.. BUT anyway πŸ™‚ then I went to lunch with Rita and we decided it would be great to spend the next 3 hours ROCK CLIMBING hahaha .. I am in the hurt locker πŸ™‚ see you guys tomorrow @ yoga!

  27. Adam · March 14, 2009

    The hurt locker? I think I love that.
    Yeah, Jess, great snatch. Jason, see what happens when you escort J-Fro to class… she starts showing off her snatch. I for one, was impressed.

    8 Rds. 80# (41%). Eh. Time for some gefilte fish protein pellets. :-)…..

  28. Adam · March 14, 2009

    All kidding aside…. (fork taps wines class for your undivided attention)

    I’m quickly approaching my one year anniversary with CF and CFVB in my life and I wanted to take this post-Painstorm recovery moment to show my appreciation. I feel like the last year of my life has been one long fat-camp retreat Biggest Loser boot camp on steroids. What the gym and the program and the nutrition and the trainers have done and are doing is so simple and yet so incredibly effective. I spent the first 18 years of my life hardly moving around. That took a toll on me as you could imagine. I spent the next 10 years moving more and challenging myself to do things a little fat kid would never imagine himself doing. I still felt I was lacking in something. I needed some HUGE kick in the ass. Something that would actually get me stronger or “fitter” as we say. Well, obviously, that kick came in the form of CF. I have come a long way from watching a Fran video on YouTube with my jaw on the keyboard to knocking out rope-climbs. I don’t know how many of you can imagine what it feels like to go from zero fitness to whatever this is, but WOW. Trust me. To move and negotiate Earth efficiently, effectively, and without strain is pretty eye-opening. Not only that, but the slow and sometimes violent transformation of my own physicality feels good too. After ten years of hitting the gym and spinning and running and racing (in circles apparently), nothing has done for me what CF has. The WODs, the wise trainers, the members, the space…. all of it makes this one of the best places to not only work out, but one of the best places to be. So today, I’m raising my glass of H2O to all of that and all of you. Thank you so much for being such encouraging, tough, tolerant and good people. We all do so much for each other just by sharing this passion, but we never really address that and well, I thought it was time. Here’s to you.

    See you in Down Dog Position tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

  29. jessica · March 14, 2009

    here, here…
    adam well put!

  30. Amber · March 14, 2009

    Aw man I don’t even wanna post after what Adam said, so awesome.

    19 rounds @ 22#
    Then went straight to my mom’s house and have been deadlifting furniture and boxes all day and carrying them up the moving truck ramp. My body is completely wrecked. Hot bath and iced knees here I come. See y’all at yoga tomorrow, ouch.

  31. gerry · March 14, 2009

    ahhhh life is good….. thank you adam

  32. BS · March 14, 2009

    Congradulations, Adam.

    9 rds @ 95 lbs (44% bw)

    Make sure everyone takes time to completely recover before they drive off. Rob & I were joking about not all the blood returning to our brains post WOD, but when I drove off, I aspirtated on a bit of cold coffee, had to pull over and retch on the side of the road in a nearly blind convulsion. Proof that I can’t do more than one thing at a time, I guess.

  33. BS · March 14, 2009

    Correction, 8 count em 8 rounds. I was pp behind 9.

  34. Rita · March 14, 2009

    12 rounds 42#, nicely put Adam. I ditto that 150% πŸ˜‰

  35. BS · March 14, 2009

    1 : musingly or dreamily thoughtful
    2 : suggestive of sad thoughtfulness

    ok, I get the pic, now.

  36. nicholas · March 14, 2009

    yeah well I ditto that 1060%
    so there!

  37. Charrllliiiieee · March 14, 2009

    Please post all the info on the yoga class tomorrow. Where, when, etc. I’m confused because I’ve seen a few different options. Is is at the CFVB gym or in Norfolk? If in Norfolk, where? Thanks!

  38. Charrllliiiieee · March 14, 2009

    Just trying to figure out if I can make it or not. Thanks again.

  39. gerry · March 14, 2009

    The Space Above
    202 West 22nd Street, Norfolk, Va 23517
    @ 12 noon

  40. Charrllliiiieee · March 14, 2009

    Thanks Gerry….see everyone there.

  41. Andrew · March 14, 2009

    My wish came true, I’ve lost weight. Just in time for this one.

    13 rounds at 43% body weight (65#).

    The first five rounds with breathtaking pain on the overhead squats so I switched to back squats.

    Adam, you aren’t the same sad chubby guy who showed up so many months ago. I’ll bet most people wouldn’t think of you as sad or chubby these days. As much as you appreciate what the gym has done fro you don’t forget the weights didn’t move themselves and nobody carried you up the rope. Good on ya.

  42. Amber · March 14, 2009

    Andrew, is that an option? Can someone carry ME up the rope? Just checkin haha.

  43. Matt · March 14, 2009

    formally Pa Matt…
    I’ve been following CrossFitVB on and off for a while now (going between differant affiliates), but starting tomorrow I’m jumping into CrossFitVB “as rx’d” as they say.

    I’m Excited!!!!!!

  44. Amanda · March 14, 2009

    Welcome Matt!! We’re good times πŸ™‚

  45. Stef · March 14, 2009

    Unleash your inner superhero:

  46. Thomi CFVB · March 14, 2009

    YAYYY Adam.. you made me a little misty!!!
    Matt.. Welcome aboard πŸ™‚ we are a strange group here .. you still owe me pics in the shirt!
    Stef… I made my hero!! fun stuff and I get to listen to the hero song the whole time JOYYYY

  47. Andrew · March 14, 2009

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