Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round to comments.



  1. Tommy · March 13, 2009


  2. w^3 · March 13, 2009

    hell yeah yeti

  3. jessica · March 13, 2009

    notice no switch grip either! nice work yeti

  4. Adam · March 13, 2009

    Yeah, that’s why we call him Yeti and we call me Not Yet-i.
    Strong work.

  5. Adam · March 13, 2009

    Amber, if you send me the elements, I’ll build a Tee proof.

  6. YogiWeezy · March 13, 2009

    How about FREE yoga Sunday at my studio for CFVB-ers at noon? Based on how the weather is looking, I think it will be too cold in the gym. I will do it at the box though as soon as it warms up! My studio is in Ghent on 22nd St. (family is welcome, but this will be a power yoga style class for the sake of the powerful bodies Thomi has built)

  7. Thomi CFVB · March 13, 2009

    Adam, I totally had a dream that you and I were out on a double date,and we kept dorking off so much that the boys were getting mad. At the end we were just doing this silly thing where we would say ” I’m going to say (insert whatever here) in spanish”, then we would say it in spanish. Right before I woke up I said “the river is in my pants” then I said it in spanish, El río está en mis pantalones..which we both were laughing hysterically and repeatably saying pantalones.. Weird!

  8. Jonathan · March 13, 2009

    12,11,10,11,9,9,7,8=77; 8 rds as rx’d

  9. JASON · March 13, 2009

    and i thought my dreams were weird……..holy Sh^t!!!!!

  10. Shay · March 13, 2009

    4-5-6-6-6-6=33 only second pull up WOD off the bands, I should have pushed a little harder 🙁 Just think I was not sure what to expect. It’s all in my head – next time!!!
    Thomi you told me the dream this morning & somehow reading it is still hysterical. I could so picture you both actually doing that – ha ha
    But yeah I have to agree you have some weird dreams girl.

  11. Amber · March 13, 2009

    Adam I will try to get that stuff to you this weekend. It’s on my mac at home. Can you work with a PSD? I’ll just stick the elements each on their own layer.

    Thomi the firewall at my work is being a jerk and not letting me mess with the PhotoQ thing. I will fix it this weekend as well.

  12. Amanda · March 13, 2009

    I LOVE this workout!!!! I hate that I have to miss it 🙁

  13. Jill · March 13, 2009

    I <3 running and even better it is in the rain….boosts the immunities.

  14. AND · March 13, 2009

    HAHA =) Thats funny, Jill

  15. Pa Matt · March 13, 2009

    Looks like a fun one. I don’t think I ever hit this one up!

  16. Pa Matt · March 13, 2009

    Quick note… I don’t know if any of you follow MMA/UFC, but one of the Founders of TapouT, Mask (the really tall guy with face paint) died yesturday in a car accident.

    So RIP, Cheers for standing up when MMA was just an illegal underground sport!

  17. JoeyG · March 13, 2009

    14, 15, 9, 8, 8, 13 = 67
    Good times. Rain always makes running more fun.

  18. Adam · March 13, 2009

    Thomi… I love that a)I’m in your dreams, b) I’m freakishly bilingual and c) I can actually get a date. But leave it to us to dork-out so much we force our dates to find better gigs. Oh well, at least we got to be free.

  19. Adam · March 13, 2009


  20. Court · March 13, 2009

    8/7/8/8/7/8 = 46 i LLOOOOVVEEE running in the cold puts a smile on my face 🙂

  21. nicholas · March 13, 2009

    4/2/4/3/4/2 = 19
    I love rowing inside!

  22. Tommy · March 13, 2009

    30/17/15/13/13/13/12 = 113
    A blast in the rain @ 530 – good job everyone

  23. Rita · March 13, 2009

    8/9/8/9/7/7 = 48 might sound crazy, but it was a great way to decompress! Loved it…

  24. Jill · March 13, 2009

    6/5/6/4=21 thankfully i was able to run most of the 5th round…it just didn’t count!

  25. Andrew · March 13, 2009

    6 rounds of 11 equals 66.

    I wouldn’t go out of my way to call that one fun. Having it be 45 degrees and rainy presents its own challenges. Well, aside from the fact that hot shower was ten times better.

    Great work pushing through everybody. The 530 was a full house tonight.

  26. Dan · March 13, 2009

    26/16/15/16/15/15 = 103

    That was probably my favorite workout so far, mostly because of the rain =)

  27. Thomi CFVB · March 13, 2009


  28. Jo · March 13, 2009

    Total: 18
    Yay for first workout with prescribed pull-ups! 🙂

  29. Jo · March 13, 2009

    Why does the happy face look evil?

  30. Amber · March 13, 2009

    7/5/6/6/5 = 29 I think Thomi has an arrangement with the weather gods, the last time she programmed a bunch of running it was snowing, this time it’s freezing rain. That is just messed up.

  31. Amber · March 13, 2009

    PS I tried to fix the PhotoQ thing, it is being a jerk. I will try my best to get it resolved on Sunday. Tomorrow I have to help my mom move, so I doubt after whatever hell you have for us in the morning + that my brain will work. I’ll get it figured out soon for ya.

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