Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

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Okay everyone.. I have started another blog called CFVB in the zone. I am hoping that it will be a good place for those of you on the zone to have recipe resources, to share experiences and ideas and to just look for help where you are having trouble. It will be updated every Monday with a new recipe and pic ๐Ÿ™‚ I am hoping it takes off an is something wonderful for you guys! If not, we will just let it die ๐Ÿ™‚

Will with awesome extension and air on his burpee


  1. Brian S · August 12, 2008

    I knew it. Perfect time for me to eliminate the segmentation.

  2. Adam · August 12, 2008

    A zone blog? Brilliant.
    This should probably go there but….
    Patrice – it’s Healthy’n’Fit 100% Egg Protein. 24 grams of protein per oz. Zero fat. Zero Carbs so you best be using some fruit and something fatty to build it out.

  3. Weezy · August 12, 2008

    Finally back after 2 weeks of vacation!…..Row 1000m to kick start the ol’ heart and then 95/105/115/125/145/155(PR)/165 I love the new zone blog, Thomi!

  4. jason · August 12, 2008

    just out of curiousity, did anyone do the painstorm this weekend and what was it??

  5. Ozzy · August 12, 2008

    If anyone is interested I am attending the Blauer Tactical SPEAR System & PDR combatives camp on Aug 15th thru 17th. They have a two for one deal and I have already paid for the one so I am looking for someone who is interested in going to split the cost with me ($150 ea). It is held in VA Beach on Viking Dr (near Lynnhaven Mall). Friday is Crossfit w/Greg Glassman and Sat/Sun is the spear. For more info you can call me or there is a link on the web site. My number is 714-4772.

  6. jason · August 12, 2008

    man i would love to take that course but i’m heading out of town for the weekend!!

  7. RobW · August 12, 2008

    345/365/375/385pr/390/385f. I heart deadlift.

  8. Jill · August 12, 2008

    65/85/95/115/135/145/170 and Thomi you were right!

  9. JoeyG · August 12, 2008

    Ozzy, I’ll be there this weekend.

  10. CFVB, Pat · August 12, 2008

    Pat: 405 PR. Failed twice at 415.
    Thomi: 170 PR
    My hamstrings are still sore from the clean/hip extension wod. I can’t stop bringing that up!!!

  11. Penny · August 12, 2008


  12. nicholas · August 12, 2008


  13. gerry · August 12, 2008

    315/345/365/385/405PR then nothing ๐Ÿ™

  14. Tommy · August 12, 2008

    275/315/325/345F/325(bent back)/315/295

  15. Jake Higginbotham · August 12, 2008

    255/265/275/285/295/305/315…need to work grip strength. Ended with alternate grip.

  16. Andrew · August 12, 2008


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