30 burpees
30 db deadlifts

30 burpees
30 db cleans

30 burpees
30 db presses

30 burpees
30 db push presses

30 burpees
30 db jerks

30 burpees
30 db swings

30 burpees
30 db sdhp’s

30 burpees
30 db snatches left/hand

30 burpee
30 db snatches right/hand

30 burpees
30 manmakers

Choose your own weight. Post time and weight to comments.

This image provided by Travis for your viewing pleasure


  1. Adam · July 12, 2008

    OMFG. 1:58:50 25# db until manmakers with 20#

  2. Andrew · July 12, 2008

    I labored through this with 20 pound dumbbells and got a time of 2:13.
    It was an amazing amount of work and everybody at CFVB this morning did an amazing job… I don’t think I can describe how impressive it was to see Jason blow it away with 45’s.
    I only wish my time was more accurate. After checking things I realized I missed one round of burpees and the SDHLPs.
    Doh. I guess “missed” isn’t terribly accurate.
    I *really* didn’t feel very manly during those man makers. More like beat down by the man…
    So in the past 24 hours I’ve done more than 400 pushups. That’s a bit spooky.

  3. Andrew · July 12, 2008

    One minor edit: All of those 400+ push ups have been plank push ups without my knees on the floor. That’s an improvement for me. Yay me!
    Thanks again to everybody who stayed late to cheer me on. I really had no idea I’d been at it for 2 hours. The dizziness and blurred vision may have been related to that.

  4. RobW · July 12, 2008

    That really f@&king sucked!! That’s by far the hardest painstorm I’ve done. Thomi, I’m not usually a vindictive person, but I need to find a way to pay you back for this shizer. 1.36.(?) @ 40#.

  5. jessica · July 12, 2008

    uhm, yea…. big a$$ cheat meal coming to me tonight! 1:29.09

  6. Jill · July 12, 2008

    Lucky workout #14, and here I thought 13 was supposed to be the unlucky number.
    1.58.42 @10#…my legs stopped listening to me after the jerk so I dropped to 15 reps and I wasn’t quite a man…so the manmakers were 5#.

  7. Adam · July 12, 2008

    Regarding revenge, I suggest something old school style….we egg Thomi’s front door or TP the condo. I guess if it happens, you’ll know who to blame now. I wasn’t gonna drink until August, but after today, I think I need to indulge a little bit.

  8. JoeyG · July 12, 2008

    1:12:42 @ 35#
    I broke a sweat.

  9. gerry · July 12, 2008

    1:18:27 @ 45#
    great job everybody finishing was an accomplishment in itself.
    joey, bisonhead thanks for coming back to cheer me on or at least enjoy my agony
    thomi- watch out!!!

  10. bisonhead · July 12, 2008

    Hell yeah gerry, great push brother
    Me… Not so much
    1.43.25 @35#

  11. nicholas · July 12, 2008

    1:55:20, 20lbs, dropping to 15 reps at the swings because I looked pale. That was horrific. Though I guess that’s the idea with a ‘pain storm’.

  12. jeff · July 12, 2008

    When I saw this, I must have laughed for 5 minutes. You can’t be serious, right? 300 burpees? what the hell is a manmaker? It doesn’t sound good! I waited for the posts to trickle in…Reconoitered the work out room here in Milwaukee…did some research on the moves…sucked up the fear and went to it. 25# DB’s, 1:38:08. I must admit, my form probably sucked (what? never, right Thomi?) and I was going for survival rather than time which I think helped because I didn’t burn out early. I could never do a workout like this if I didn’t know all you guys were leaving puddles back home. In all seriousness, its been a privelege to get to know and work with you all the last two months, and I look forward to more pain with my new friends. Thanks, Thomi!

  13. Travis · July 12, 2008

    The Man-Breaker’s kicked my butt…along with every other part of the workout.
    Joey and Gerry, you guys are amazing!

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