With a 70#m 42#w bar how many rounds can you complete in 40 minutes of:
5 Deadlifts
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Push Presses
5 Back Squats

Here is a recipe to make water yummy! You will need it to hydrate after the pain storm 🙂 See you in the gym :):)

Cucumber Lemon Water

1 gallon cold water
2-3 slices fresh lemon
2-3 slices cucumbers

Why? Well, other than the fact that you NEED water.Lemons are astringent, antibacterial, antisudorific, detoxifying and have many other fine medicinal properties. Cucumbers alkalize the modern body, normalizing systems made acidic by stress and too many trips to the coffee shop, plus providing micro nutrients to the skin.Refrigerate the mixture 24 hours and remove cucumber and lemon slices. If you leave the slices in more than 48 hours, the infusion will turn bitter.

13-1 13-2

13-3 13-4

Pics: Jeremy,Tom,Justin and Will

Yesterday was a great DL PR day in the gym!

Jessie 105, Cindy 135, Thomi 165, Will 320, Jeremy 325, Justin 345, Penny 102

    • Chris
    • October 15, 2007

    Chris: as rx’d 16 rounds

    • Lisa
    • October 14, 2007

    Lisa: 19 rounds with 32#

    • CFVB
    • October 13, 2007

    Pat: as rx’d 23 rounds
    Thomi as rx’d 21 rounds

    • will
    • October 13, 2007

    couldnt make the painstorm and didnt know what it was anyway, i decided to do “murph” instead. had a pr of 42;36.

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