January 23 2014

10 min to find max box jump Then OTM 20 One jump @80% 25/25 shuttle Then 3x 8-10 GHR 10 toes to bar Things are happening at the new space!! We will be moving the gym the weekend 30/31. Classes start in the new gym…

January 17 2014

Team Grit this weekend! Heat assignments here: https://docs.com/Download/DownloadDoc/user/1640047366/doc/25db06c4c19f4e8687be69484449d317 Location Come out and support our 3 teams competing Jamie and Chas Mandy and Ashley MC and Shay

January 16, 2015

Alternating on the minute for 12 minutes Three jerk at 80% of your max 3 rep Max strict pull-ups And then 100 Russian twist

January 15, 2015

Mark your calendars! Come out this weekend and support our teams competing at Team grit!! Shay and Mc / Ashley and Mandy / Chas and Jamie will all be competing. Saturday only. We normally have a group dinner out afterwards so plan on eating and…

January 14, 2015

50 walking lunges 50 m bear crawl 50 kettle bell swings’s 50 m bear crawl 50 walking lunges

January 12 2015

Two rounds 50 double unders 40 alternating dumbbell snatch 30 box jumps 20 renegade rows 10 alternating pistols

January 10 2014

Team WOD Teams of 2 complete the following: One partner holds position while another does work. Tuck Hold-50 sit ups each Chin over bar hold-40 push ups each Overhead Plate Hold- 30 Wall Balls Plank hold- 20 box jump each